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During surgery in Ethiopia, an Israeli team overcomes a blackout

By 07/06/2023 4:17 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A nationwide power outage last week presented a formidable obstacle to a group of Israeli doctors as they attempted to perform a life-saving procedure in Ethiopia.

However, the team’s quick thinking and inventiveness allowed them to perform the treatment and save the three-year-old patient’s life.

The Rambam Healthcare Campus in Haifa sent a humanitarian group to Addis Abeba to help with a number of surgical procedures at St. Peter’s Specialized Hospital. Rambam periodically sends delegations to St. Peter’s as part of a medical collaboration between the two hospitals to perform procedures Ethiopian doctors are unable to perform themselves.

The majority of the procedures performed by this delegation were gynecological and head and neck surgeries.

The backup generator failed to start when the outage struck, leaving the operation room without power.

The medical teams from Ethiopia and Israel moved into action right away. Under the direction of Dr. Yotam Shkedy, head of Rambam’s Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Unit, they illuminated the operating area with the flashlights on their cell phones.

And when the electric ventilator stopped working, the Ethiopian anesthesia team manually ventilated the infant through the nose with the help of Dr. Vasile Recea, the deputy director of Rambam’s anesthesia department.

Power outages are a regular occurrence in these nations, according to Shkedy. However, a backup generator typically starts up on its own.

In this instance, that didn’t take place.

Since our young child was on the operating table and we were in the middle of the treatment, we had to immediately modify

Despite the challenging conditions, the procedure went on with the help of Shkedy’s surgical headlight and the crew members’ smartphone flashlights.

After 15 minutes, the power was restored.

When working in developing nations, many things go through your mind, but Shkedy claimed that the idea of performing surgery in a room without power never occurred to her.

“Thankfully, there was never any risk to our patient’s life.”


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