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During the arrest operation in Tulkarm, five IDF soldiers were hurt, one critically

By 10/05/2023 8:56 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Five covert soldiers were hurt early on Thursday morning near Tulkarm, Samaria, during an Israeli anti-terrorist operation.

At the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, physicians are attempting to preserve the life of one of the troops who is in a critical situation. The other four received minor to moderate injuries, while two others are in critical condition. Four local hospitals were chosen to receive the evacuated soldiers.

In Tulkarm, which is close to Israel’s pre-1967 border, IDF forces were carrying out an arrest operation for a wanted man when the event happened.

Terrorists and IDF soldiers engaged in gunfire exchanges throughout the operation, and the terrorists employed explosives against the forces. The forces departed the city in the early morning hours, and the IDF spokesman reported that the gunfire exchanges went on as they were doing so.

The soldiers sustained injuries during the exchanges, reportedly as a result of a grenade that fell close by. According to Palestinian accounts, Israeli forces rushed to evacuate the wounded soldiers while leaving ammunition behind.

A little while afterwards, terrorists started shooting at the Samaria village of Avnei Hefetz from a moving car.

There weren’t any losses. Two of the terrorists were murdered in a gunfight that broke out during the arrest attempt as an IDF squad from a Golani patrol pursued the car. The soldiers suffered no casualties.

While dozens of Palestinians rioted and set tires on fire nearby, hundreds of Jewish worshipers approached Joseph’s Tomb during the night, all the while being heavily guarded by the IDF. Later, personnel guarding the entry of the 40 buses to the facility were attacked with explosive devices, and one IDF soldier was slightly hurt.

Terrorists also tossed a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli bus in the vicinity of the hamlet of Azzun in the northern West Bank, but the bus was unharmed. There were two suspects detained.

Additionally, as Palestinians threw stones at Israeli vehicles, IDF forces dispersed conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians close to Maale Levon in the Binyamin region.

Another incident yesterday involved stone-throwing incidents at Israeli vehicles on the road, which led to the IDF closing the Huwara highway to Palestinian traffic for three hours.

Two terrorists who tossed explosives at the troops were killed about two weeks ago in another raid at the Nur Shams refugee camp close to Tulkarm, and an IDF soldier was moderately hurt by shrapnel.

Then, the forces discovered dozens of explosives buried in the ground and took control of dozens of more weapons stashed away in storage facilities. In addition, the forces discovered and destroyed a military vehicle equipped with cameras and monitors, as well as raw materials for the manufacture of big, lethal explosive devices.

Numerous ready-to-use explosives and explosives connected to gas cylinders were also discovered by the security personnel, along with surveillance equipment, computers, and other technology.


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