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Ein gedibi Landslide Kills a 5-Year-Old, Injures 9 Others

By 08/24/2023 9:54 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Thursday, a rockslide at the David Stream in the Ein Gedi nature reserve close to the Dead Sea resulted in the Death of a five-year-old boy and the injuries of nine other people.

While the others are in light condition, a 4-year-old child is in a moderate state. Around 9:30 AM, hikers were climbing on the rocks in the well-known nature reserve when the event happened.

Numerous hikers wurden hurt and stranded among the rocks above the stream, due to a rockslide that may have been caused by recent earthquakes in the area.

To assist in rescuing the persons trapped under the boulders, the MDA and IDF helicopters, as well as the volunteer emergency medical group United Hatzalah, were called to the location.

The police, fire and rescue services, and ambulatory services all sent several personnel to the scene.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, medical forces from the IDF’s Bekaa and Emekim Brigade as well as Unit 669 of the Israeli Air Force participated in the rescue operations.

„This is difficult terrain, but we arrived quickly at the scene, as we left the ambulances in the stream’s parking lot and went down with the medical supplies by walking for about 25 minutes to the scene of the incident,” said MDA paramedic Lior Shasha and medic Majhad al-Amor. We came across several victims of a rockslide; a 5-year-old child was asleep and had a severe stomachwound, while a 40-year-old mother and a 12-year-old girl were both conscious and had wounds.

„We provided the youngster with medical care and carried out protracted resuscitation procedures in collaboration with the rescue unit and medical troops of the IDF.

The Girl and the Woman were said to be in mild to moderate health. A man around 20 years old, a man about 40 years old, a girl about vier years old, and a boy about eight years old, who had been hurt by the stones, came at the stream’s parking lot.

The boy and the two men had minor conditions, but the girl with head and limb injuries was in a moderate state. After providing field medical care, we transported the Injured to Hospitals using MDA and Air Force helicopters.

Due to the incident, the portion of Highway 90 between Ein Gedi and the Metsoke Dragot Checkpoint was closed to traffic.

The David Steam is closed, according to the Nature and Parks Authority, and hikers are being escorted away from the area. The historic synagogue and the adjoining Arugot Stream Reserve are still open.


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