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Elon Musk expresses regret for making fun of a disabled employee of Twitter who was fired

By 03/08/2023 11:23 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Elon Musk has expressed regret for publicly ridiculing a disabled Twitter employee who was fired.

The online drama started when a muscular dystrophy patient who used a wheelchair, Haraldur Thorleifsson, tried to access his computer last Sunday to complete some work but was subsequently locked out. He was one of about 200 people who, despite the absence of information, believed they were among the victims of Musk’s most recent round of layoffs.

Thorleifsson tweeted the Tesla Tycoon in the hopes of receiving some direct responses after nine days had passed with no word on his employment status.

Maybe you’ll respond to me here if enough people retweet? “he penned on Monday.

Thorleifsson allegedly challenged Musk in public “to receive a hefty payoff,” according to Musk, who promptly responded, alleging the former Twitter employee “did no meaningful job” and used his infirmity “as his excuse.”

Musk also referred to his “prominent, active Twitter account.”

The independently wealthy man, who claimed that his infirmity stopped him from typing, “really did no genuine job,” the billionaire wrote. At the same time, he was tweeting furiously.

“Can’t say I have much regard for that,” you say.

Nevertheless, the inventor of SpaceX has since recanted his criticism of Thorleifsson, also known as Halli.

Halli, please accept my apology for my failure to understand your predicament. That was based on information I was given that was false or, in some circumstances, correct but meaningless, Musk wrote in a tweet on Tuesday. He is thinking about staying at Twitter.

Thorleifsson, the founder of a creative design firm he sold to Twitter in 2021, said to the BBC that as part of the sale, he joined the company as a full-time employee with the position of senior director in product design.


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