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Eric Adams bares plans to solve soaring violence in NYC

By 12/26/2021 10:40 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The spokesperson of incoming New York City mayor Eric Adams said stopping the soaring violent crimes in the Big Apple is the top agenda of the Democratic chief city executives once he assumes office on January 1.

Evan Thies revealed Adams already has some detailed plans on how to put an end to these crimes among them are a new NYPD antigun unit, investments in violence interruption programs, an inter-agency task forces.

“Stopping violent crime will be (Adams’s) priority when he’s mayor. And that will include a comprehensive plan to reduce shootings,” Thies said.

Based on the latest NYPD data, 1,828 people have been shot in the five boroughs — 0.4 % more than last year’s astronomical tally of 1,821.

The NYPD data also shows that the number of shootings — 1,526 — is up 2.4%.

The crime data also shows that King County accounted for nearly a third of New York City’s 2021 gunplay victims, 609, followed by The Bronx (588), Manhattan (303), Queens (288), and Staten Island (40).

Moreover, the NYPD data also recorded 1,531 shootings in NYC for 2020, a whopping 97% more than the 777 in 2019.

The number of shooting victims in the city also ballooned 102% to 1,868 in 2020 from the 923 in 2019, the stats show.

It was learned that shooting victims are overwhelmingly minority: 73.9 percent of the people struck by a bullet in 2020 were black, and 22.5 percent were Hispanic.

It was also learned that Blacks and Hispanics also accounted for 65.0 percent and 26.4 percent of murder victims, respectively, in New York City in 2020.

The races of shooting suspects also followed similar patterns: 72.1 percent black and 24.7 percent Hispanic.

Meanwhile, Sen. Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island), a former Manhattan prosecutor blamed the NYV soaring crimes on the policies of Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and the left-leaning City Council who created a “climate for crime” through bail reform laws, pandering to BLM rioters and anti-cop rhetoric.

“Government’s most basic responsibility is public safety. The misguided policies from the left have failed miserably in that regard and as a result New York is less safe and less livable than it has been in generations,” Lanza said.


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