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Eric Adams denies double standard in his move to exempt pro athletes and performers from COVID vaccination

By 03/27/2022 10:48 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had denied insinuations that there was a form of a double standard when he decided to exempt professional athletes and performers from COVID-19 vaccination.

On Friday, Adams explained that his decision was based on the advice from his medical team and that his administration is prepared to weather any legal challenges that stem from the policy reversal.

“I made a decision based on the information that I received from my health team, and I have an obligation to make those decisions on how I’m going to move my city forward,” Adams said.

“So you may consider this a double standard. I consider the analysis that I made, and I’m comfortable with my decision,” Adams added.

Based on Adams new order, only professional athletes and performers are exempted from COVID-19 vaccinations as the city ordinance still mandates all private employees to get vaccinated against COVID.

Earlier, the biggest union of NYPD chided Adams for his order lifting the city’s private-sector vaccine mandate that will allow Brooklyn Nets unvaccinated star Kyrie Irving to play inside Barclays Center.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch, in a Thursday statement, blasted Adams order since it is a form of a double standard.

“If the mandate isn’t necessary for famous people, then it’s not necessary for the cops protecting our city in the middle of a crime crisis,” Lynch said.

Lieutenants Benevolent Association head Lou Turco also accused Adams of being a hypocrite with his order.

“It is hypocritical to allow an athlete not to get vaccinated while forcing police officers to get vaccinated to keep their jobs.

“We’re told the vaccination mandate is necessary because they’re following the science,” Turco said.

“Where is the science that supports immunity if you’re able to make free throws or throw a baseball 95 miles an hour?” Turco added.


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