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Europe and the United States are urged to look at the type of AI that runs systems like Chatgpt

By 06/20/2023 6:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Consumer advocacy organizations in the European Union encouraged authorities on Tuesday to look into the kind of artificial intelligence that powers programs like ChatGPT, noting potential dangers that put consumers at risk and the time lag until the bloc’s ground-breaking AI legislation takes effect.

13 watchdog organizations collaborated to send letters to their national consumer, data protection, competition, and product safety authorities, alerting them to a number of issues with generative AI.

Additionally, a transnational alliance of consumer organizations wrote to the US. imploring him to take action to safeguard consumers from any dangers brought on by generative AI.

With the emergence of a new generation of AI that allows chatbots like ChatGPT to produce text, photos, videos, and audio that resemble human labor, Europe has led the globe in attempts to govern artificial intelligence.

These efforts have become more urgent.

The world’s first complete set of laws for the technology is now being finalized by the EU, but they won’t go into force for another two years.

The organizations urged European and American officials to use already-existing regulations as well as introduce new legislation to address the potential negative effects of generative AI.

They highlighted a paper from the Norwegian Consumer Council that outlined risks posed by AI chatbots, such as inaccurate medical information, influencing people, and fabricating news items.

Consumer advocacy organizations from nations such as Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, and Denmark warn that even though the EU’s AI Act addresses some of the issues, it won’t go into effect for several years, “leaving consumers unprotected from a technology that is inadequately regulated in the meantime and developing at a great pace.”

Authorities have already taken some action. While it looked into a potential data breach, Italy’s privacy watchdog ordered ChatGPT creator OpenAI to temporarily halt processing users’ personal information.

OpenAI and ChatGPT are also being studied by France, Spain, and Canada.


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