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Ex-con not welcome as a minister, says a top legal official in Israel

By 01/04/2023 6:04 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The nomination of a politician convicted of tax offenses as a Cabinet minister, which was necessary to form Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new administration, was opposed by Israel’s attorney general on Wednesday.

The Attorney General’s position sets up a major confrontation between the country’s legal system, which the new administration has pledged to change, and Israel’s government, which is currently the most conservative ever.

According to its proponents, the reforms will aid in governing and legislating, as well as restrain an excessively interventionist Supreme Court.

The revisions, according to critics, will undermine the Supreme Court, sabotage the nation’s system of checks and balances, and jeopardize the foundations of Israel’s democracy.

Some of the changes could aid Netanyahu, facing a corruption prosecution, in avoiding conviction or possibly having his case dismissed outright.

Israel’s Knesset altered legislation last month to permit someone sentenced on probation to serve as a Cabinet minister as part of talks to create the current administration.

After two years, a rotational agreement allowed Aryeh Deri, a crucial member of the coalition that restored Netanyahu to power, to take over as health, interior, and finance ministers.

Deri was sentenced to probation for tax violations last year.

Good governance organizations viewed the legal strategy as a license for corruption by a government that carelessly changed the law for political reasons.

In a letter to the Supreme Court, which will shortly talk about appeals against Deri’s appointment, Baharav-Miara clarified where she stands.

She reportedly stated that the word “radically deviates from the domain of reasonability” and that she would not represent the state in court against the appeals due to her objection.

The previous administration, which violently opposed Netanyahu’s leadership, chose Baharav-Miara.

The concept of dividing the position of attorney general into three positions, including two that political nominations would fill, has been put out by Netanyahu’s friends.

It would also allow Netanyahu to appoint someone to support dropping the accusations against him.

This would weaken the present attorney general’s power.



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