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Ex-NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio fined $475K for using NYPD security detail during failed 2020 presidential campaign

By 06/16/2023 10:48 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The department’s most extensive penalties department was imposed on former mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday for improper use of his personal police detail during his unsuccessful 2020 presidential campaign.

De Blasio is contesting the decision of the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board, which imposed the punishment, in court. The investigation into the ex-mayor’s decision to take his NYPD detail on 31 out-of-state campaign trips in 2019 as part of his unlikely run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination lasted years.

The $474,794 fine is “the largest fine in the history of the Board,” according to the board’s chairman, Milton Williams.

Williams’ judgment, which was three pages long, stated that New York City ethics statutes prohibit public employees from “using city resources for any noncity purpose.”

Williams stated of De Blasio’s campaign travels under the protection of the NYPD: “[De Blasio’s] conduct violates this prohibition.”

According to Williams’ ruling, the city serves a “purpose” by paying for the mayor’s NYPD security detail.

He continued, however, by saying that “there is no city purpose in paying for the extra expenses incurred by that NYPD security detail to travel at a distance from the city to accompany the mayor or his family on trips for his campaign for president of the United States.”

Before de Blasio started his cross-country campaign travels, Williams claimed the board forewarned him that taking his NYPD detail along would probably break the law.

Williams stated, “[De Blasio] disregarded the board’s advice.”

De Blasio’s campaign-related travel, lodging, and meals for the police on his detail cost city taxpayers $319,794, according to the Conflicts of Interest Board. Williams determined the fine and added $155,000 for the 31 ethics law infractions de Blasio committed, one on each trip, totaling $474,794 in fines.

Williams stated that De Blasio had 30 days to pay up.

De Blasio’s attorney, Andrew Celli, slammed the decision as “reckless” and “perilous” and said the former mayor had filed a case in Manhattan Supreme Court to challenge it soon after it was made.

“COIB’s action is dangerous, outside the scope of their authority, and illegal,” Celli said. “It seeks to burden elected officials with security costs the city has rightfully borne for decades.”

“Every mayor faces threats, and all mayors are entitled to protection — regardless of party or politics,” he continued. Because of this, the NYPD is in charge of determining when, how, and at what level of protection such officials need.



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