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Exclusive: Jewish Man Narrates How He Was Disgracefully Thrown Out of An American Airlines Flight

By 12/24/2020 12:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Non-compliance is one thing, and taking off a mask for a quick meal is another. Benzi Cohen, a good samaritan who was trying to make his way back home to his two young children, was caught in the middle of a storm on Monday, as he boarded an American Airlines flight and had by far the worst encounter of his life.

A series of unfortunate events engulfed Benzi Cohen’s life on Monday, as he was shamed, assaulted, and kicked off from an American Airlines flight, despite maintaining a calm disposition. Narrating the events to YidInfo, Mr. Cohen told us how he reached the airport at around 6 am in the morning, to board his 8:40 flight in Miami, but was bumped off the plane due to a glitch in the boarding systems.

As he tried checking-in via his phone, he approached the airport authorities and was told that they had erroneously canceled his booking, while apologizing for the same. As compensation, American airlines sent 10,000 miles to his account, and desperate to go back to his family, Mr. Cohen booked the next flight that was scheduled around noon the next day.

Harboring a friendly demeanor and sporting absolutely no malicious intent, Mr. Cohen boarded the plane the next day and began eating a packet of chips as he was famished and just needed something to satiate his hunger. This is when all hell broke loose.

As Mr. Cohen momentarily pulled down his mask to eat, a woman started accusing him of not wearing a mask and swiftly complained to a flight attendant, who came over and asked him to wear a mask. Complying respectfully, Mr. Cohen immediately pulled up his mask and asked all but a simple question to the flight attendant.

“Is there a time limit on how long you could eat,” asked Mr. Benzi politely, the events from which were captured on camera. Just moments after Cohen held his phone camera up, a male flight attendant punched it out of his hand, condemning him harshly.

Soon after, a supervisor came over to his seat and asked him to get his bags and accompany her out of the flight.

Demanding an explanation as to why he was being thrown out for no apparent reason, wit several witnesses to back him, he was told to abide and was ushered out of the plane.

With all his conversations recorded on video, as he was being escorted out and asked to wait until the next flight, Mr. Cohen filed a Police report against American Airlines for being severely unjust to him.

As it stands, Mr. Benzi Cohen will now be filing a lawsuit against the airline company for violating his rights and unjustly throwing him out of the plane for eating- all when he was extremely patient, composed, and respectful.


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