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Explosive Found In Bag At Pennsylvania Airport

By 03/02/2023 3:18 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to investigators, a Pennsylvania man was charged with federal crimes after checking a bag containing an explosive device concealed inside the lining of a trip to Florida.

According to a criminal complaint, Marc Muffley, 40, is accused of carrying an explosive in an airport and possessing or attempting to place an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft.

According to the prosecution, the contraband was discovered in a bag that Muffley had checked in for Allegiant Air Flight 201 on Monday at Lehigh Valley International Airport with a destination of Orlando Sanford International Airport in Florida.

A “circular compound” with a diameter of around three inches was discovered concealed in the bag’s lining after an alert was received during security screening. It was covered in wax-like paper and clear plastic wrap.

After analyzing the substance using X-ray technology, an FBI bomb technician concluded that it was “suspected to be a blend of flash powder and the dark granulars that are used in commercial grade fireworks” and contained granular powder consistent with a “commercial grade firework.”

According to authorities, it had a “fast fuse” that burned quickly and appeared to have been added later, as well as a “hobby fuse” that burns more slowly. Both of these were attached to the substance.

According to the criminal complaint, authorities concluded that both the black powder and the flash powder “are vulnerable to ignite from heat and friction and posed a substantial risk to the aircraft and passengers.”

In addition, “a can of butane, a lighter, a pipe with residue made of white powder, a cordless drill, and two GFCI outlets taped together,” according to the investigators, were found in the luggage.

Circuit breakers include GFCI outlets.

According to the authorities, Muffley was paged via the airport’s public address system and was later spotted leaving the premises. After tracking him to a Lansford residence, the FBI detained him late on Monday night.

According to officials, he is still being held pending a probable cause hearing and detention hearing scheduled on Thursday at 1:30 pm.

Muffley joined via videoconference in Allentown. On Wednesday, Timothy Wright, Muffley’s federal public defender, received a message.


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