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Facing GOP backlash, McCarthy labors to shore up votes for the debt deal in time to prevent us from defaulting

By 05/30/2023 5:23 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was under criticism from conservatives, labored arduously on Tuesday to persuade his party’s members to support the debt ceiling and budget agreement he reached with President Joe Biden and win approval in time to prevent a potentially calamitous U.S. default.

House Freedom Caucus leaders blasted the proposal for falling well short of the expenditure reductions they need and pledged to try to prevent it from passing Congress.

McCarthy was left looking for support when a much larger conservative group, the Republican Study Committee, refrained from taking a position.

Speaking unfavorably of Biden on “Fox and Friends,” the speaker said of the Democrats, “There’s nothing in the bill for them,” as he pushed his doubtful GOP counterparts to “look at where the victories are” in the next difficult days.

A crucial test was scheduled for late Tuesday, when the 99-page bill was up for consideration and a vote on whether to send it to the entire House for a vote that was scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Quick passage by the House and Senate would ensure that federal payments continue to be made to veterans, Social Security beneficiaries, and others, as well as allow the Treasury to continue paying off American obligations, preventing global financial instability.

The agreement would limit spending over the following two years, but it also contains revisions to environmental regulations and increased work requirements for some senior beneficiaries of food aid that Democrats vehemently reject.

When lawmakers returned to Washington from the lengthy Memorial Day holiday, the Republican speaker announced he would speak with them.

Regarding his agreement with Biden, McCarthy remarked, “This is simply the first step.

Biden, a Democrat, and McCarthy, a Republican, are relying on winning majority support from the political middle, uncommon in divided Washington, to avert a federal default because few members are anticipated to be completely satisfied.

McCarthy must get support from almost two-thirds of the Republican majority, according to Hakeem Jeffries, the leader of the House Democrats, a difficult standard the speaker might not be able to clear.

Jeffries assured that the Democrats would still contribute to success.

As it relates to a deal that they themselves crafted, Jeffries stated, “I expect House Republicans to keep their word and deliver at least 150 votes.”

“Democrats will make sure that there is no default for the nation.” McCarthy couldn’t count on the right for assistance.

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., the chairman of the Freedom Caucus, said, surrounded by others, “This deal fails completely, and that’s why these members and others will be absolutely opposed to the deal.”

“We’ll use every tool at our disposal to stop it,” The conservatives ominously threatened to try to remove McCarthy due to the agreement. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas declared,

“There will be a day of reckoning.”


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