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Far-Right Social Media Users Post Antisemitic Threats Against Jewish US Lawmaker

By 08/24/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Social media users on the far-right social media site “Gab” have posted antisemitic threats against State Rep. Dan Frankel- a Jewish Pennsylvania lawmaker who criticized the site.

The threats were directed at Frankel soon after he participated in a press conference last month criticizing Gab after news reports revealed that Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano was active on the site and had paid Gab a $5,000 “consulting fee.”Frankel had condemned the “white nationalist vision that unifies Gab users”; and to this, several users started posting their responses. 

Source: Times of Israel (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

One Gab user posted his comments, a user replied: “It’s coming kike. Hold on to your yamulke.”Another user replied: “He knows what happens to people like him once it happens.”

Frankel, a Democrat, called Gab “very dark,” but said “there’s very little that can be done to shut them down other than to call them out and identify them and to hold people accountable who participate.”

Unsurprised by the posts, Frankel said, “I feel an obligation to make as much noise as I can,” he said. “Other politicians are giving a wink and nod to this stuff. That’s not acceptable.” Frankel said he is concerned for his safety and that of his staff. He has taken steps to enhance security.

This being said, Frankel stressed that the security concerns are not limited to him and his staff. He commented, For Frankel, the threat isn’t simply against him and his staff. He commented, “I represent an area with very identifiable communities. There’s a huge Jewish community that’s a target. We have a very identifiable Asian Pacific community that has been targeted. Both communities have seen an increase in harassment that have persisted well beyond the Tree of Life shooting three and a half years ago. We need to make sure people are aware of this and prepared.”


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