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Felicitated Cleveland Officer Under Investigation Over Anti-Semitic Tweets

By 06/21/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

An acclaimed Cleveland police officer is under investigation for tweets saluting Hitler and targeting Jews, despite being honored last year by the police department.

A recipient of the ​​2019 Officer of the Year Award and the distinguished service medal last November at the Cleveland Division of Police Awards, officer Ismail Quran’s heavily antisemitic Tweets resurfaced recently, leading to a current investigation on the matter. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

Canary Mission- an organization that keeps track of anti-Israel activists and propagators- exposed his tweets that glorify Hitler, spread anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, and express his disdain for Israel and Zionists. According to their investigation, in 2017, Quran was also a member of a closed Facebook group that honored Osama Bin Laden.

In a tweet from July 2014, Quran shared an image of Hitler with the text, “Let me salute to Hitler the great” and he said “I would have killed all the Jews [sic] of the world, but I kept some to show the world why I killed them.’”

Shortly after, he tweeted the photo again, claiming, “I don’t salute this man, but what is happening to us, is what happened to the Jews by Hitler.” A few days later, he tweeted, “F*** THE ZIONIST JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! B**** A** MOTHER F******.”

In February 2015, he pushed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, claiming “ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Unit,” adding, “[w]ho does Israel get support from? The U.S. #Aliens lol #InsideJob #OpenYourEyes.” A few weeks later, he tweeted that “Jews run the world.”

In response, the Canary Mission urged swift action by Mayor Justin Bibb, Interim Chief of Police Dornat Drummond and the Cleveland Community Police Commission.

Sarah Johnson, a spokesperson for the city took cognizance of the matter, saying, “The matter has been referred to the Cleveland Division of Police Internal Affairs Unit for a thorough investigation. The Cleveland Division of Police insists that officers provide the highest levels of professionalism and respect to all citizens. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.”


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