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Fight Over Indicting Trump Is Described in Ex-New Prosecutor’s Book

By 02/05/2023 4:59 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A new book by a former prosecutor describes how near the former president came to being indicted and bemoans tension with the incoming district attorney as the Manhattan district attorney’s office intensifies its years-long probe of Donald Trump. that put an end to the scheme.

In “People v. Donald Trump: An Inside Account,” Mark Pomerantz, who managed the investigation until early last year, claims that Cyrus Vance Jr., the district attorney at the time, permitted him to file an indictment against Trump in December 2021.

Pomerantz reports that prosecutors chose a case containing claims that Trump manipulated records by exaggerating the worth of assets on financial statements he provided lenders after investigating Trump’s life and business.

Even though Vance would soon depart his position, Pomerantz writes that he expressed confidence that Alvin Bragg, his replacement, would share his opinion.

However, Bragg and his team had other plans and expressed concern regarding the quality of the evidence and the reliability of a crucial witness.

At least not at the pace Pomerantz and co-lead prosecutor Carey Dunne desired, so they decided against moving further.

Pomerantz penmanship. Both men were forced to leave the office due to the impasse.

Pomerantz writes, “Once again, Donald Trump had managed to dance between the raindrops of accountability,” in the book, which Simon & Schuster will release on Tuesday.

On Friday, copies of the book were delivered to the Associated Press and other news organizations.

In response to what he claims are “defamatory remarks” and “groundless falsehoods” regarding his alleged criminal activity, Trump has threatened legal action against Pomerantz and Simon & Schuster.

Trump has frequently denied any wrongdoing and said that Democrats are attempting to keep him out of the White House by launching the New York probes.

Trump claimed Pomerantz’s book “is turning out to be a hit on the District Attorney and the ‘poor’ case ‘with numerous fatal flaws'” in a tweet on his Trump Social platform.

Pomerantz’s 304-page book interweaves tales from his decades-long career as a mafia prosecutor and white-collar litigator with his behind-the-scenes account of the contentious debate over whether to charge Trump.

These experiences contrast Bragg’s work as a former federal prosecutor, law professor, and, in the years leading up to his election, a top officer in the state attorney general’s office who pursued civil cases against Trump.

The book also attenuates the drama surrounding Pomerantz’s split from Bragg, which became public last year when his resignation letter was published in The New York Times.

Pomerantz characterizes the conflict as a valid difference of opinion shaped by extensive Zoom calls and telephone talks rather than as a physical altercation.

Pomerantz records the sessions by writing that he and Dunne would detail the pros and cons of pursuing a Trump indictment while Bragg or his team members pushed back with questions and concerns.



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