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Flatbush Jewish Samaritans Act of Kindness Goes Viral on Social Media

By 09/05/2021 9:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

25-year-old Kasriel Zakutinsky, a Flatbush resident, went viral on social media this week, thanks to a Facebook post that described how he heroically changed a flat tire on a car on the Southern State Parkway.

Posted by Mary Kate Tischler, whose car ended up having a flat tire, Zakutinsky was applauded for his good deed as he came to help her without thinking twice. In her post, Tischler also explained that she had pulled over onto the side of the highway and was about to call AAA when an Orthodox Jewish man stopped his car and changed the tire for her, refusing to take any payment for his services.

Source: VIN News

A senior in-house litigator for WarnerMedia who had been traveling with her young daughter, Tischler was astounded that a random person would stop in 96-degree heat and volunteer their services. She asked her Facebook friends to do something to help a stranger.

When he found out that he’d gone viral, Zakutinsky, who is a member of Chaverim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway since his yeshiva days, said this was nothing but an act of kindness for him and was surprised at the kind of attention he was garnering.

Source: VIN News

As reported by VIN,  Zakutinsky said, “I didn’t even tell my wife about it when it happened. I am on the road all the time and if I can help someone, I am happy too, especially when it is super hot, super cold, or very rainy or if they have kids in the car. This is what we should be doing. Especially when you wear a yarmulka, the main thing is just to be a good person.”


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