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Florida Governor DeSantis In J’lem: US Should ‘Butt Out’ Of Israel’s Affairs, Let Israelis Figure Out Their Future

By 04/27/2023 2:44 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In his remarks at the Jerusalem Post conference on Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized that while the State of Israel was only 75 years old, the Jewish people had been there for more than 3,000 years.

He explained how the US became the first nation to recognize Israel shortly after the Declaration of Independence.

DeSantis compared the War for Independence to David defeating Goliath by saying, “The Arabs tried to slay the Jewish State in its infancy.”

Despite the possibility of an Iranian nuclear weapon, Palestinian Arab terrorism, and other internal and external challenges,

Governor Ron DeSantis lauded Israel for preserving the only democracy in the Middle East. The “apocalyptic ideology” of Iran, which sees the United States and Israel as its primary opponents, was dubbed by DeSantis as an existential threat.

Desantis slammed the UN for criticizing Israel in an unprecedented number of resolutions—125 since 2015, compared to 55 for the rest of the world. “How can this be justified?” he questioned.

He said that the UN was defending the actions of despotic countries while criticizing just Israel, which he claimed was anti-Semitic.

The governor spoke about his efforts to fight BDS and anti-Semitism in Florida. He continued that his administration had done its part to keep the Holocaust alive, especially by awarding a medal to Benjamin Ferencz, the only Nurenberg prosecutor still living (who passed away recently at the age of 103).

DeSantis said he prayed at the Western Wall for Florida to be spared from hurricanes when visiting Israel. DeSantis added that one storm headed towards Florida abruptly turned north, “and I chalk that up to my prayer at the Western Wall.”

He added that “the US must defend Israel against disfavorable treatment by the UN and agenda-driven international bodies…and we must reject those who reject Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State…and we must help Israel maintain its qualitative military superiority.”

Additionally, DeSantis called on the US government to “butt out of Israel’s affairs.”

“You live in a wise nation. You can solve the problem. In an apparent allusion to the Biden administration’s adamant opposition to the proposed judicial reforms sponsored by the Netanyahu administration,

DeSantis told the applauding audience at the Jerusalem Post conference, “We shouldn’t butt into these critical topics.

He stated, “I’m reminded of a quote by David Ben-Gurion,” praising the Jewish people’s initiative in re-establishing their national homeland after a 2,000-year exile. In Israel, you have to believe in miracles to be a realist.

“Before the Jews arrived, this wasn’t exactly a land of opportunity…But against all odds, the people of Israel have taken a desolate desert and transformed it into an oasis of freedom and innovation – a thriving society in which everyone can live their lives as they choose.”


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