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Following the ruling, New Jersey lawmakers pass gun carry legislation

By 12/19/2022 9:13 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After this summer’s U.S. presidential election, New Jersey legislators overhauled the requirements for obtaining a weapon carry permit. The Supreme Court’s decision increased gun rights.

In what is expected to be the final voting session of the year, the Democratic-led Senate approved the bill, sending it to Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. He declared he would sign it into law.

Gun rights supporters expected the legislation wouldn’t pass constitutional scrutiny, while Republicans opposed it and questioned its legitimacy.

GOP state senator Ed Durr remarked, “The 2nd Amendment cannot be overlooked because New Jersey’s dominant party does not like it,” during a discussion on the chamber’s floor. On Monday, no Democrats spoke in favor of the measure, although earlier, they stated that they thought it was legal.

By the Supreme Court’s decision from June, the law eliminates New Jersey’s current standards that applicants for a permit to carry a firearm must demonstrate a “justifiable need” and be of “good character.”

Other amendments to the law include disqualifications for those who have received restraining orders, been institutionalized due to mental illness, or are otherwise considered “fugitives from justice.”

The motion seeks to eliminate a paper permitting system that registers applicants using quadruplicate paperwork.

Additionally, it would launch an undeveloped online gun sales website.

The requirement for getting a permit increases from three to four recommendations from people who are not family members.

Law enforcement officers would also need to question them.

The legislation also increases training standards, requiring instruction in target shooting, online coursework, and in-person classroom settings. Additionally, permit bearers would need to be covered by liability insurance.

Carrying is prohibited in many public areas, including state buildings, schools, voting stations, child care centers, parks owned by the government, public beaches, clubs, and performance venues.

In New Jersey, you need a permit to buy and carry a gun. According to the proposal, handgun purchase permits would cost $25 instead of $2.

The price ranges from $5 to $50 for other weapons.

The proposal sets a $200 price for a carrier’s licenses.

The fee for current applicants is $50. The higher price would allow local governments to keep $150 for processing expenses and donate the remaining funds to the state’s crime victim compensation office.

The law would “go down in flames,” according to Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs president Scott Bach, and would be viewed as a “huge middle finger” to the Supreme Court.




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