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Following the shooting at the school, a doctor condemns gun violence

By 03/28/2023 9:55 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A pediatric surgeon who escaped The Covenant School in Nashville just before a shooter started shooting, killing six people, says she is disturbed by the rampant gun violence in the country.

In search of a Starbucks, Britney Grayson left the modest religious grade school where she had just completed regaling the students with tales of her missionary work in Kenya. A short while later, the gunman entered the building and started shooting, killing three people in total—three adults and three children.

“WHY ARE OUR CHILDREN BEING MASSACRED IN THEIR SCHOOLS?! “said Grayson on Facebook after receiving a text alerting her to the attack.

Since 1999, 15 significant shootings associated with American schools and universities have claimed the lives of 175 individuals if the definition of a mass shooting includes four or more fatalities—not counting the shooter.

Hours later, Grayson was still shaken by the tragedy of what had happened.

It’s a strange sensation, she admitted, knowing that if it had happened just a few seconds sooner, we would have all become victims, and, possibly, I would have been there to provide medical care.

Grayson claimed in her article that she had performed surgery on a school shooting victim. But she claims this time was the closest she has ever felt to violence.

Grayson points out that even those who survived the violence on Monday will never be the same. She claims that the U.S. is placing the responsibility for reducing gun violence on young people.

She remarked that physically in the kids who passed away, but also in all the kids who were present today. “The counseling that will be necessary and how this will impact their lives forever.”

The children were fantastic, according to Grayson’s Facebook post, and they learned about Kenya, a few Swahili words, and what it takes to be a missionary.

“3 children are confirmed dead,” she added later after revealing the initial death toll. Three kids who learned the term ‘Jambo’ from us in chapel this morning,” she wrote in Swahili.



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