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Following violent riots in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Cabinet will decide how to deal with Eritrean infiltrators

By 09/03/2023 9:31 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Following the violent attacks on police officers that happened on Saturday in southern Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today (Sunday) called a special panel of ministers to consider how Eritrean infiltrators who transgress the law should be dealt with.

The majority of the riot inmates will remain in administrative detention despite having very modest amounts of evidence, at the request of National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and with the approval of the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office.

Ben-Gvir asked the police to hold any extra rioters who are detained in administrative custody as well. In order to address the problem of illegal infiltration, the ministers decided to advance a basic law on immigration.

They also decided to look into the possibility of withdrawing the work licenses of those who are residing in Israel unlawfully.

When supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government clashed violently in south Tel Aviv on Saturday, at least 40 individuals were still hospitalized, 12 of them in bad condition.

The Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv said that 24 patients, including seven with critical conditions, were still being treated there. According to the hospital, the injuries weren’t life-threatening.

Three of the four patients at Ramat Gan’s Sheba Medical Center remained in critical condition.

A piece of a camping stove was removed from the head of a police officer, who was then admitted to the hospital in moderate condition in the neurosurgery unit.

The vast illegal infiltration into Israel from Africa constituted a serious threat to the country’s survival as a Jewish and democratic state, Prime Minister Netanyahu remarked at the start of the conversation.

We constructed the fence to eliminate this menace, which required us to overcome resistance from the security establishment and our political adversaries.

The infiltration was entirely stopped when we stopped it, and I am proud of the governments I led in achieving this.

Netanyahu continued, “There is still the issue of the tens of thousands of unlawful infiltrators who entered Israel before the fence was finished. We got rid of 12,000 of them willingly using a variety of incentives and tactics.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court rejected all of the measures we offered, including the current deposit law, since we wanted more.


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