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Foreign Minister of Hungary: “Israel Can Definitely Count On Us

By 10/25/2023 4:36 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Israel’s relationships with Western European nations that frequently support the Palestinian cause have frequently been strained, despite the fact that the Jewish state and Hungary have established and maintained close relations.

That is largely a result of the friendship that has grown over the years and the shared political ideologies between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In a matter of minutes on Tuesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen denounced the U.N. Hungary’s top diplomat spoke confidentially with JNS about Budapest’s ties to Jerusalem in response to Secretary-General António Guterres, who sought to defend Hamas’s barbaric attacks on Oct. 7 by asserting that they didn’t occur in a vacuum.

“Everyone must communicate intelligibly and in a way that cannot be misread or misconstrued. Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister since 2014, stated, “We have to say very clearly that Israel has been subject to a horrific and brutal terrorist act, and Israel does have the right to protect itself. Israel has the right to take precautions to ensure that such a terrorist strike never occurs.

The interests of the Jewish state are not the only ones served by Israeli self-defense, he continued. Additionally, the entire world community has an interest in this. According to Szijjártó, the international community has a responsibility to make sure that Israel’s war on terror doesn’t escalate into a larger confrontation in the Middle East with “an absolutely unpredictable conclusion.”

This includes escalating terrorist threats in Africa as well as the conflict in Ukraine. “If these are added together,” he remarked, “it approaches what we might call a third world war.” And this must be avoided at all costs.

The bilateral relationship between Israel and Hungary “has never been as good as it is now,” claims Szijjártó. Defense and commerce are just two areas of cooperation between Budapest and Jerusalem. We help each other succeed more and more, he remarked.

Oliver Varhelyi, a diplomat from Hungary and the main representative for interactions with the EU’s neighbors, declared earlier this month that the E.U. Following Hamas’s attack, $729 million in development funding for the Palestinians was immediately halted, awaiting a review.

After several nations objected and others questioned Varhelyi’s ability to make such a lone judgment, the European Commission subsequently declared that the payments had not been suspended.


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