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Former Israeli Ambassador: Biden is “stabbed in the eye” by Netanyahu’s “embarrassing” Musk visit

By 09/19/2023 8:56 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s first encounter with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the US, Danny Ayalon, a former deputy foreign minister and ambassador to the US, harshly lambasted Netanyahu on Israeli radio.

“This is not a routine visit; this is an embarrassing visit,” Ayalon remarked. For the prime minister to have to go all the way here to meet a businessman is embarrassing.

Usually, visitors to the prime minister are businesspeople. “Secondly, he went against what he said. Why does he explain himself politically when he has the best chance to explain Israel when he comes to Musk? Embarrassingly so.

He claimed, “I have a majority to pass any law I want,” which alone explains why he needs the help of the minority.

“You know what will make Washington vibrate the loudest? Musk was referred to as the “unofficial president of the US” by him. That was a poke in Biden’s eye and a slap in the face.

This is not the Netanyahu I know; instead, this is a spiral out of control. Additionally, he is transmitting odd communications that the Likud later reformats. I don’t know if he means to confuse everyone, but it doesn’t seem good and doesn’t help Israel, “Ayalon continued.

Ayalon remarked that for the Americans, the anticipated meeting with Biden at the UN general assembly was “nearly meaningless. The fact that Biden feels Netanyahu has lost control is one of the explanations the Americans give for why Biden hasn’t met Netanyahu thus far.

When Netanyahu’s coalition humiliates the US, it is clear that he does nothing to stop it. Everything that Netanyahu does is dictated to him by the government.

“Biden isn’t at his best either, but he’s still committed. I believe that Biden can get away with acting the way he has toward Netanyahu because he truly loves Israel and identifies as a Zionist. Obama was thought to be antagonistic to Israel, therefore he wouldn’t have dared to do this. What other issue is there?

The president does not focus on the meetings when they are in Israel’s favor and are held in New York.

There, he has 50 meetings. Netanyahu will receive a lecture on what constitutes a Western-style liberal democracy rather than discussions of Iran, Hezbollah, or perhaps Saudi Arabia, Ayalon continued.


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