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Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert urges the US to “reevaluate” relations with Israel

By 07/17/2023 8:26 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has called on the US administration to downgrade relations with Israel as a result of the planned judicial reforms being passed in the Knesset, a move intended to further sour relations between the Netanyahu administration and the US.

Olmert urged US President Joe Biden to act against Israel in an interview on the “DemocratTV” channel. “I call on the United States to make a new assessment of relations with Israel for all that this implies,” he said. The former prime minister continued, “I call on world leaders not to meet with Netanyahu.

Olmert furthered his criticism of the administration, saying that “those who love the State of Israel must act against the administration.

Biden has a longer track record of supporting Israel than any other senator in American history. “Biden must take action against the government if he loves Israel, he was quoted as saying.

He has previously mentioned it, but he needs to add a more concrete and practical component.

He must convey a message about reassessing the situation with Israel. That includes everything that is suggested as well as the areas of relevance and concentration for Israel.

To make it plain to the violent element that backs Netanyahu what the cost of its activities will be for the State of Israel,” he added.

Minister Amichai Eliyahu criticized Olmert as “a dangerous man who can harm his friends and himself when he is angry” in response to the contentious words that he made. That he once served as prime minister astounds me.


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