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Former Prime Minister Bennett: Because of Chabad, my family and I are religious

By 11/21/2022 8:20 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Naftali Bennett, a former Israeli prime minister, congratulated Chabad in a Facebook post and said that his family’s religiosity was to their credit.

Bennett expressed gratitude to Chabad. Now that the Chabad emissaries’ annual conference is underway, my family and I would like to express our appreciation for Chabad personally.

My parents, Jim Z’l and Miranda, were raised in San Francisco in nonreligious homes where they were both born and raised.

My parents moved to Israel after the Six-Day War for Zionist reasons, served as volunteers at Kibbutz Dafna, and made Haifa their permanent home.

They sent Asher, Danny, and I to Jewish education so that we could keep up our Hebrew when we traveled on Shlichut [Jewish Agency aliya representatives] to Montreal. I was sent to a Chabad preschool.

My parents found my large kippah and tzitzis, which I had brought home from kindergarten, quite unusual and unfamiliar.

My family’s conversion to Judaism started in this way.

There is no organization in the world like Chabad.

Every envoy travels to a remote region with their family to contact as many Jews as possible.

Every Jew and Jewess is respected and accorded unwavering love.

The circumstances can be difficult when there is no Jewish school in the area.

The emissary must maintain their financial stability, assist every Jew, and propagate goodness.

Most of the time, the ambassadors are enthusiastic, filled with faith and goodwill, capable of carrying out their duties, and—no less importantly—have an excellent sense of humor.

Thus, thousands of emissaries represent the Jewish people as a “foreign ministry” in 110 nations.

They are always inspired to action, providing support and assistance when there is a crisis, like the one in Ukraine, an earthquake, or a terror incident. How incredible is Hashem!

We appreciate your dedication to Torah and service to others, dear messengers. Chabad is adored in Am Yisrael.


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