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Former Shin Bet Head Justifies Refusal To Volunteer For IDF: ‘We’re Talking About Change Of Regime’

By 07/20/2023 9:04 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In a radio talk with the army, former Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman brought up the judicial reforms and harshly criticized them.

If the government keeps advancing the reforms, Argaman will even defend the widespread reluctance to join the IDF reserves.

Although other Shin Bet leaders have publicly voiced their opposition to the court reforms, Argaman was a former Netanyahu appointment and was close to the prime minister during his time as the Shin Bet’s director from 2016 to 2021.

Therefore, the premier finds his criticism of the judicial changes particularly challenging. If this dreadful legislation is passed, according to Argaman, “we are a different country and do not have to uphold the contract that was signed with us.”

Those who refuse to serve should not be held accountable, Argaman continued. “This is a separate reality from disengagement or anything else,” the speaker said.

Stopping to volunteer for reserve service makes sense given that Israel’s government is set to change.

Argaman’s views were criticized by Absorption Minister Ofir Sofer, who said, “I speak from the depths of my heart as one who commanded soldiers. I sustained severe injuries, but after recovery, I resumed my command. Despite having witnessed the horror of Oslo firsthand, I opposed the Oslo process but never had the guts to refuse to serve or even to publicly endorse such a rejection.

Political debates involving the IDF will be ruined for decades. What is the former Shin Bet director’s message to the IDF leaders when he speaks in this way?


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