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German Gov To Spend More Than $40 Million For Research Project on Antisemitism

By 08/05/2021 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

To find out the reasons that are leading to a worrying rise in antisemitism, and to figure out what is fuelling hate and racism across the nation, the German government is set to spend a whopping $40 Million to fund research projects. 

Announced by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research on Wednesday, a number of academic researchers on the subject of antisemitism will be funded with a total of $14 million over a period of four years. Additional funding of $27 million will be granted to projects to combat right-wing extremism and racism.

Source: Yahoo Finance (Soeren Stache/dpa via AP))

“It is more than shameful that Jews in Germany feel threatened,” said Germany’s Education and Research Minister Anja Karliczek. “Antisemitism and racism have no place in Germany. They are poison and a big threat for social cohesion. We must fight this poison with all our determination. But we can only fight what we understand. We want to expand our knowledge base in order to effectively combat racism and antisemitism. The research projects we fund will contribute to this understanding and help develop suitable measures to prevent and combat antisemitism in education, civil society and politics.”

According to Karliczek, the research groups will address questions including how antisemitism reaches children in schools, and what the public can do to immunize against online hate speech. Selected projects range from “antisemitism in online media” to “antisemitism in the context of the judiciary,” “Christian signatures of antisemitism,” and the prevention of antisemitism in education. Jewish perspectives will be systematically included, the government said.


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