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German Priest Complains After Request To Remove ‘Provocative’ Cross From Western Wall

By 07/20/2023 10:57 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Wednesday, a German priest said that while visiting the Western Wall, someone requested that he take off his cross.

The priest, who was accompanied by a German cabinet minister, objected to the request, saying it violated his human rights and was disrespectful to him. The priest is seen in the incident video objecting as he is informed that his religious sign is “inappropriate” for the location.

He was additionally charged with provocation by a local usher. The priest, Nikodemus Schnabel, tweeted, “Sad to see how the climate in this wonderful city is changing for the worse under the new government.”

While accompanying German Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger to the holy Jewish site, Schnabel, a prominent member of the Benedictine Order serving in Jerusalem, was told by an usher that he must remove his cross, which she perceived as a provocative act despite his justification that he was a man of the Church.

All visitors to the Western Wall, according to the usher, are requested to follow suit. Schnable expressed his surprise at the demand. He yelled, “You don’t respect me and deny me my human rights.

Also shocked, the visiting minister filed a formal complaint with the Foreign Ministry, which promptly demanded an explanation from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

According to foundation officials, there is no new legislation or regulation, but requests were made when crosses were huge and visibly exhibited out of respect for Jewish worshipers.

They asserted that Jews who are wearing a Star of David are likewise asked the same question when they reach the Temple Mount and that no Jews would enter a church wearing tefillin or even a headcovering.

They went on to say that possibly the usher’s English wasn’t very good and that the German delegation had finished their tour without the cross being taken down as was suggested.

Unfortunately, there are too many instances that give the impression that Christians are targets of animosity, which harms Israel’s reputation and must stop.

The German embassy in Ramallah declared support for Schnabel. “We share his concern with the restrictions placed on various religions’ space in Jerusalem.

The holy city’s distinctive character is derived from mutual respect and tolerance. A campaign to raise awareness of the challenging circumstances faced by Christians in Israel and the rising number of incidents of abuse and attack—iincluding being spit on—tthat they endure has been spearheaded by Schnabel, a former adviser to the German Foreign Ministry and head of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem.

In a 2016 interview, he mentioned that Jews take off their head coverings when entering churches and that he occasionally conceals his cross when visiting other religions’ sacred places. At the time, he stated, “For me, it is an issue of honor.

This would appear to suggest that Schnabel was well aware of what he was doing when he placed a cross at the Western Wall and meant to provoke people in order to demonstrate how Christians are treated unfairly in Israel.

Later on, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation apologized for the event. “We are sorry if we upset you in any way. Everyone can visit the Western Wall. It is important to note that there are no rules governing this situation at the Western Wall Plaza.

To show respect for the guest and the location, the usher approached and asked gently if it would be possible to cover the cross to prevent any distress, as has lately happened in the Old City.

He was definitely not denied access when he declined, and the usher honored the choice and went about her business, according to the statement.


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