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Guy Madar Was Saved By His Tzitzis After Taking Out Several Terrorists

By 10/10/2023 6:43 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The accounts of lone bravery in the face of awful cruelty are slowly but surely starting to surface. People who, in the face of tens of merciless, armed terrorists, dropped everything and fled in order to rescue lives despite knowing full well that their own lives would soon be in grave danger.

Many of these individuals prevented a much worse disaster from happening by using their cunning and ingenuity.

Guy Madar, a lieutenant colonel, is one of these heroes. Guy, a professional army officer from farther north, was celebrating Simchas Torah 30 minutes’ drive from Re’im in Kiryat Gat.

Guy jumped in his car and sped south after learning of the terrorist invasion, only having his own weapon with him.

When Guy arrived in the Re’im area, he came upon a seriously injured Golani soldier and picked him up in his car.

A Hamas terrorist opened fire on his vehicle at the same time, but Guy managed to get away and shoot the attacker dead. Guy shot and killed five more motorcycle-riding terrorists with the soldier’s weapon.

Guy joined a policeman traveling south, and after transferring the soldier to a field hospital, they were once again ambushed by terrorists.

Both Guy and the policeman suffered leg injuries, and the automobile ran off the road. Guy was abandoned in a ditch, but from there, after tying a tourniquet around his hurt leg, he was still able to kill other terrorists.

Prior to the arrival of IDF forces, he lay in the ditch for two hours with dozens of dead terrorists close by.

Unfortunately, because he was dressed casually, they assumed he was a terrorist. Guy sobbed, claiming to be a soldier but already debilitated from blood loss.

Don’t shoot, he said to one of the soldiers at the last second.


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