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Hamas spent years persuading Israel that it was not interested in armed conflict

By 10/09/2023 10:31 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A shocking revelation claims that Hamas engaged in a years-long campaign to deceive Israel into thinking that the terror organization did not desire war and could be appeased with financial rewards to maintain peace.

According to a source with ties to Hamas, “Hamas gave Israel the impression that it was not ready for a fight.”

As it prepared for this major operation, “Hamas used an unprecedented intelligence tactic to mislead Israel over the last months by giving the public the impression that it was not willing to engage in a fight or confrontation with Israel,” the insider claimed.

The Gaza border has been relatively calm recently, and Hamas has avoided getting engaged in a fatal conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

According to the source, Hamas persuaded Israel that its main goal was to secure work permits for Gazans to enter Israel, where they could earn greater wages. The insider stated that “Hamas was able to create a whole image that it was not ready for a military adventure against Israel.”

According to the source, many Hamas leaders were not informed of the strike in order to keep Israel informed. Additionally, it was not made clear to the roughly 1,000 terrorists involved in the catastrophic attack what they were practicing for.

The security services were duped, an anonymous Israeli security source told Reuters. Some of Israel’s supporters bought the fake, informing Israel that Hamas was displaying “more responsibility,” according to former national security adviser Yaakov Amidror, who spoke to Reuters.

We foolishly started to think that it was true, he said. We erred, I suppose. We won’t make the same error twice, and we’ll gently but gradually exterminate Hamas.


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