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A whopping 73% increase in hate crimes primarily targeted against Jewish and Asian communities in New York City has been noted by the New York Police Department figures this week. 

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, which stands at the center of the investigation of all such crimes that happen in the Big Apple, said that the city recorded 180 hate crimes through May 2, compared to 104 such crimes during the same period last year, which denotes a 73% increase.

Source: Joshua Bright for The New York Times

According to the report, Asians were the most targeted group with 80 hate crimes through May 2 — soaring from 16 in the same period in 2020. Jews were the next most targeted, with just a slight 7% decline in the total number of cases from before. 

Meanwhile, gun violence in New York continued to top the charts, with shooting incidents increasing to 149 v. 56 in April 2020 (+166.1%). According to the report, for the month of April 2021, the overall index crime in New York City rose 30.4% compared with April 2020, driven by a 66% increase in grand larceny (2,659 v. 1,601) and a 35.6% increase in felony assault (1,630 v. 1,202). Robbery saw a 28.6% increase compared to April 2020 (885 v. 688) and burglary was the only index crime to post a reduction – down 26% (855 v. 1,155) in April 2021, compared to the previous year.

Source: Security Today

“The NYPD is relentless in its mission to maintain public safety for all New Yorkers,” said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. “The selfless work our officers carry out – day after day, night after night – is one important part of the entire criminal justice system’s process, a process where all pieces must work together to be wholly effective.”




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