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Head of Boro Park Slams NY Times, Claims Jews “Invented Secular Education”

By 03/17/2023 8:16 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A prominent Jew has written an opinion piece for the Brooklyn Paper, a local news website, criticizing the NY Times’ months-long campaign against Yeshivos.

Avi Greenstein, CEO of the Boro Park Jewish Community Council, wrote an opinion piece titled “Stop the unfair campaign against yeshivos,” in which he expressed his “pain and anguish” over the fact that a “paper of record can lob such hate bombs in the 21st century and get next to no response outside the Orthodox community.”

The Times, according to him, got it “completely, hatefully, and wrong,” and the Jewish People actually “created the concept of secular education” more than 200 years ago.

According to Greenstein, one thing that unites Boro Parkers is an unwavering adherence to traditional Jewish education.

The diamonds in the crown of our yeshivas are the crown jewels of our community.”

“The New York Times has put a bullseye squarely on the back of our yeshivos,” he continued. “If it were some white nationalist website hurling similar accusations, it would be called – and properly so – as antisemitic.”

“We, the Jewish People, developed the concept of secular education 2,500 years ago,” Greenstein concluded.

To say that The Times cherry-picks specific numbers and relies on a small number of dissenters who have left the Orthodox community to support its “argument” is an understatement.

The op-ed concluded: “…many of us properly fear that the persistent attacks in print on us will only inspire greater physical attacks on overtly Orthodox Jews. How can this go unopposed in the most liberal and tolerant city in the world? ”



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