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Here’s Where You’ll Still Have To Mask Up in NYC

By 03/08/2022 1:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Yes, the NYC mask mandate has been substantially relaxed to a pre-pandemic level, but there are still a few places that still require you to mask up for your safety.

While Monday was a day of much-needed relief for all New Yorkers- mainly schoolchildren, there are a few places that still have the mask mandate going. Statewide indoor school mask mandates have dropped in all three tri-states and New York City, the globe’s worst-hit hotspot early in the pandemic, removed the last longstanding emblem of the pandemic by lifting the mandate in schools Monday.

Source: NY Post

The city also suspended its Key2NYC vaccine mandate, implemented by former Mayor Bill de Blasio last summer, requiring customers to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor spaces. The mandate requiring vaccination for all employees, public and private, in the five boroughs remains in effect for the time being.

This being said, there are a few exclusions, which include: Mass transit: The feds require masks on planes and trains (as well as in airports and transit stations), while NYC and NJ transit operators mandate masks on trains, buses, and taxes/rideshare services; Broadway theaters: Masks are required through April 30, at least; Healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes as well as adult care centers; Correctional facilities; Homeless shelters and Individual businesses that choose to mandate masks. State law allows local municipalities to opt for stricter standards around COVID if they so choose.

According to the CDC, most people don’t need to wear face masks in indoor public settings unless there’s a high level of severe disease. 



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