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Hezbollah, Hamas, And Iran Watch the Constitutional Crisis

By 07/26/2023 8:17 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The ongoing unrest following the judicial reforms and the repeal of the reasonability requirement is being closely watched by Israel’s adversaries.

Hezbollah and Hamas took note of the massive rallies and demonstrations as well as the decision by hundreds of pilots and other reservists to refuse to report for duty.

The two organizations allegedly convened high-level conferences to talk about the implications of the Israeli conflict and how they could profit from it.

A senior commander from Iran’s Quds Force, an arm of the Revolutionary Guards that provides military assistance to Tehran’s allies, two Iranian security officials, and representatives from the terrorist organization Hamas met last week for three hours to discuss the issue, according to an Iranian diplomat.

They came to the conclusion that the crisis had already made Israel weaker and that they should avoid any “direct interference,” as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could then be able to place the blame on foreign foes.

A Hamas source refused to comment on the report but claimed that talks between Hamas, Iran, and the Quds Force were underway “over the whole situation and to discuss ways to upgrade the work of resistance.”

Hezbollah’s elite forces were reportedly sighted performing a rare patrol Tuesday right at the Lebanese border with Israel in a further act of provocation on the northern border, according to a Lebanese source acquainted with the deployment.

According to the source, there was no connection between the patrol near the rocky border, where tensions have been rising recently, and what was happening in Israel.

The Hezbollah media office declined to comment, but the source claimed that top-level Hezbollah leaders have had detailed discussions on the problem.

According to the insider, the gang sees the issue as a development that might be used against them in the future. Bezalel Smotrich, the Israeli finance minister, claimed on Tuesday that the military in Israel “is combat-ready and will remain combat-ready” despite the protesting reservists, whom he claimed were attempting to “put a gun to the head of the government.

Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, asserted that it was the “worst day in Israel’s history” in a speech on Monday.

Media reports state that Nasrallah said this in the televised speech marking the seventh day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, days before the important Shiite festival of Ashura.

Israel was once thought of as a regional power that couldn’t be beaten, and regional countries accepted its threat as a fact that couldn’t be removed,” Nasrallah said.

His final statement read: “Its trust, awareness, and self-confidence have deteriorated into the crisis it is experiencing today.” Some of the entity’s inhabitants claim that today in particular is the worst day in its history. God willing, this is what sends it on the path to disintegration, fragmentation, and disappearance.

According to sources close to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, the two organizations are closely following the demonstrations in Israel, relishing the images, and hoping that the tense situation will get worse.

However, they are equally afraid of the possibility that Netanyahu could try to deflect attention from the domestic issue by inciting a fight with Israel’s enemies that might bring its people together.

According to Gaza political expert Adnan Abu Amer, “They are seriously monitoring it to assess how this could reflect on them and whether Israel could export its internal crisis.”


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