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Hospitals and ICUs are growing in China as COVID cases increase

By 12/11/2022 6:32 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

China is building additional critical care facilities and working to reinforce hospitals in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases as it removes anti-virus measures that kept millions of people inside their homes, stunted economic growth, and sparked protests.

As the final big nation to attempt to limit viral transmission, the government of President Xi Jinping is formally committed to doing so.

The Communist Party in power appears to be winding down its “zero-COVID” strategy, but the most recent actions indicate that it will allow additional cases without imposing quarantines or halting travel or business.

According to state media, a Cabinet meeting on Thursday ordered the “full mobilization” of hospitals, including hiring more staff to ensure their “combat efficacy” and increasing medicine supplies.

The public’s health was to be monitored by the authorities in the area.

Uncertainty surrounds the extent of the rise in infection rates since Beijing last week stopped requiring testing as frequently as once per day in specific locations.

However, interviews and social media posts claim that outbreaks are occurring in workplaces and schools all around the nation.

Due to the excessive number of sick workers, some restaurants and other companies have had to close.

The community authority in Beijing’s Runfeng Shuishang posted on its social media account on Saturday that the virus testing facility had closed down since all its personnel had been exposed.

It said, “Please be patient.

Official case counts are declining, but they no longer fully represent the population because many locations’ obligatory testing ended on Wednesday.

That was a part of the abrupt adjustments that demonstrated Beijing was making gradual efforts to catch up to other nations like the US, which have removed travel and additional restrictions in favor of attempting to live with the virus.

The authorities announced 10,815 new cases on Sunday, including 8,477 patients with no symptoms.

That only includes persons who get tested after being admitted to hospitals or for work in schools and other higher-risk areas, although it was barely a fourth of the daily peak above 40,000 from the previous week.

According to Yun Chunfu, an employee of the provincial health commission, Shaanxi province in the west has set aside 22,000 hospital beds for COVID-19 and is prepared to convert other beds to enhance its critical care capacity by 20%.

For “critically ill patients,” Yun claimed that cities are “accelerating the upgrading” of hospitals.

Yu was quoted as saying at a news conference that “each city is obliged to designate a hospital with strong comprehensive strength and high treatment level” for COVID-19 cases.

Jiao Yahui, general director of the Bureau of Medical Administration of the National Health Commission, stated at a news conference on Friday that China had 138,000 intensive care beds. That amounts to fewer than one in every 10,000 persons.


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