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House GOP Pushes Hunter Biden Probe

By 11/20/2022 11:48 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Republicans redoubled their efforts this week to utilize their newly acquired authority to look into the Biden administration, particularly the president’s son, despite having a tenuous House majority.

The White House, though, has grown more confident in light of the midterm results after months of planning.

Democrats and President Joe Biden’s advisers feel that voters punished the GOP for its reliance on conspiracy theories and Donald Trump-inspired lies during the 2020 election since Republicans won with far lower margins than was predicted.

They see it as support for the administration’s strategy to focus on legislative successes and maintain them in the run-up to the midterm elections, as opposed to Trump-aligned candidates whose complaints about the president’s son played to their most ardent supporters but were too technical for the average American.

The GOP’s majority in the House is anticipated to be the narrowest in twenty years, and the Democrats kept control of the Senate.

In the past, we gained seats in New York, New Jersey, and California, according to Republican strategist and public affairs expert Mike DuHaime.

Far from it, these voters did not show up at the polls to demand an investigation into Hunter Biden.

However, House Republicans renewed long-standing grievances about what they claim is a politicized law enforcement agency and a bombshell corruption case that Democrats and the media chose to ignore at their first news conference after winning the majority by talking about presidential son Hunter Biden and the Justice Department.

The Congressional Integrity Project, a recently relaunched, multimillion-dollar initiative by Democratic strategists to counter the onslaught of House GOP probes, was founded by Kyle Herrig.

“From their first press conference, these congressional Republicans made clear that they’re going to do one thing in this new Congress, which is investigations,” said Herrig.

The White House’s counsel’s office recently increased employees and improved communication, and staff workers have been working hard to research and prepare for the assault.

They have made an effort to determine their weaknesses and formulate workable solutions.

However, since Hunter Biden is not a member of the White House staff, whatever the House requests would come from his lawyers, who have declined to address the charges.

There are “troubling questions” of the utmost seriousness about Hunter Biden’s business transactions and one of the president’s brothers, James Biden, according to Rep. James Comer, the incoming head of the House Oversight Committee, that call for more inquiry.

He claimed that the president was also being examined.


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