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How Israeli Police Turned A Terrorist Attack On Yeshiva Students Into ‘An Unfortunate Accident’

By 04/30/2023 10:47 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A group of yeshiva students went canoeing at the Yarden Rafting facility on the Jordan River on the final Thursday of Bein Hazmanim, 4.20.23.

The boys were waiting for the bus to take them from the facility back to the main road when they arrived from their trip.

The bus, however, deliberately accelerated toward them rather than stopping to pick them up.

One of the kids gave the others a heads-up, and they scattered for cover, but the bus struck several of them, injuring them in different ways. Two of the four teenagers had minor and moderate injuries.

It appeared as though it had been intentionally rammed. Police informed the dumbfounded yeshiva students that the driver had told them he had a brake problem.

The lawyer for the Chonenu group, which offers legal aid to terror victims, disagrees with the police account of what happened.

“When police arrived, the driver stated that he had lost control of the bus, which subsequently rolled backward,” Steiner adds, noting that “this is what police told witnesses who reported a nationalist attack.

These people were shocked to learn that police weren’t even willing to record their statements or submit formal complaints.

Some were advised to stand aside so that police could handle the situation after being informed that it was an “unfortunate accident.”

The young people harmed in the event indicated that the driver rammed into them while driving forward.

Witnesses reported seeing him turn the wheel while also turning to face them. Additionally, the bus’s brakes were functional because, according to eyewitness accounts, the driver braked after the incident and moved a short distance before stopping again.

Lawyer Steiner urged authorities to look into the incident and get testimony from witnesses “who all describe a deliberate attempt to run over the group of yeshiva students.”


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