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How To Download Instagram Reels The Safe Way

By 06/09/2022 6:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Be it a reel of your own or that of others that you really want to download and safe, here’s the most effective way to do so, without having to share your login credentials with some shady app.

Instead of downloading an app that takes away your privacy and gains direct access to your Instagram account, make use of online tools like iGram, a website that lets you download Reels without you needing to log into an account. The process takes a couple more easy steps, but your credentials are safe with you. 

Source: Campaign Middle East

Here’s how to do it. First up, once you find an interesting Reel you want to download, copy its link/URL. You can do this by tapping the three-dot menu on any Reel video. This menu is located towards the bottom right. When you tap on it, you will see some more options pop up. Choose ‘Copy link’.

Go to any online Reel-downloading website that you know works, and look for a spot where you can paste your copied link/URL.  Once you have pasted your copied link, hit the download button on the side and you will see a quick preview of the Reel with the account that posted it. Find the ‘Download mp4’ button below the preview and tap on it to begin the download.

Voila! You can then find the downloaded clip via your gallery app or your phone’s file manager. This file should also then show up in the media selector of other platforms like WhatsApp or Twitter should you want to share it with someone from there.


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