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Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, will appear before a Senate HELP committee to discuss suspected labor infractions

By 03/07/2023 7:07 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz consented to testify before Congress a day before the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee planned to summon him.

Sanders tweeted, “Workers in America have the fundamental right to form unions and participate in collective bargaining to raise their salaries and working conditions.

Regrettably, Starbucks has taken every precaution to stop that from happening under Mr. Schultz’s direction.

Sanders claims that the National Labor Relations Board received 80 complaints against Starbucks for allegedly breaking the law.

In his tweet, he said the Seattle-based coffee behemoth had refused to bargain “in good faith” with the 280 Starbucks locations’ staff members who had approved unionization the previous year.

The 81-year-old Democratic Socialist from Vermont continued, “I look forward to hearing from Mr. Schultz when he intends to halt his illegal anti-union efforts and start negotiating fair initial contracts with unions.

Like Sanders, Schultz was born and raised in Brooklyn. He began working for Starbucks in 1982 and was named CEO four years later.

Before deciding to return to the CEO job on an interim basis in March 2022, his status within the corporation underwent several changes. By the end of this month, he turns the reins over to executive Laxmi Narasimhan.

According to CNBC, the 69-year-old expressed his wish that Starbucks employees wouldn’t feel the need for a union in his memoir “Pour Your Heart Into It” from 1997.

The employee said that if they had faith in me and my intentions, they wouldn’t need a union. “I was certain that under my leadership, they would recognize that I would listen to their problem.

Starbucks will be a union company, the Starbucks Workers Union said in May. ”

Schultz, who formerly owned the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics, is reportedly worth $3.8 billion, according to Forbes.



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