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With reservations for the car already full, GMC, late last week, introduced an all-new SUV version of its Hummer electric pickup truck that sports an impressive 300 miles of range and the ability to be driven diagonally, all with a price tag of $110,595.

GMC has said the SUV will go into production starting early 2023, with less pricey variants starting at $90,000 in the spring of 2023 and a low-end $80,000 variant with a 250-mile range in the spring of 2024. Previously, the company said that its electric pickup truck will start assembly at the end of 2021, starting with the most expensive trim level.

Source: Ebene Magazine

Boasting comfortable interiors, no matter what the outdoor terrains the car is on, the Hummer comes with Crab Walk, a feature which can let the car rotate all four wheels to drive diagonally at low speeds, and Extract Mode, which can use the air suspension system to lift the entire vehicle six inches off the ground to get over large obstacles. The car also has a 13.4-inch touchscreen center console display and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

The Lunar Shadow Interior which comes in Jet Black and Taupe, casts a dark appearance and is complemented by Tech Bronze accents. Durable all-weather flooring adds visual and practical appeal. Meanwhile, the Lunar Horizon Interior which comes in Jet Black and Light Gray, features Tech Bronze accents, durable all-weather flooring, and more.

Source: Green Car Reports

The car also sports Ultravision with up to eighteen camera views on pickup and seventeen on SUV, including standard HD Surround Vision – which includes waterproof underbody forward-and-rear-facing cameras for real-time views of the terrain to help you pick the best line along the trail. A washer function and replaceable lens protectors help you see clearly. Using multiple cameras to display a digital overhead image of the area around HUMMER EV, HD Surround Vision allows you to maneuver off-road and navigate tight spaces when traveling at low speeds.

The Hummer also features an Infinity Roof with modular sky panels that have the ability to create an immersive open-air experience. HUMMER EV’s available Transparent Sky Panels are tinted to deflect the sun and help protect you from the elements while providing breathtaking panoramic views.




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