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Hundreds Of IDF Special Operations And Cyber Unit Reserve Officers Shirk Duties

By 03/19/2023 9:22 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a radio station Reshet Bet report, hundreds of IDF reserve soldiers from the special operations division and the cyber warfare unit failed to show up for duty on Sunday.

The 450 reserve members of the special operations division and the 200 reserve members of the cyber warfare unit are ceasing their reserve service, according to Major N., a member of one of the special operations divisions.

When democracy is secure, we will be pleased to resume our service.

R said, “We request that all of our friends on reserve duty cease their service until this attempted coup has been quashed.

“They cannot compel us to serve in the reserves. No matter what administration has been in power up until this point, we have always responded when summoned.

The security of the nation will suffer and already has. We won’t use violence, we don’t have a contract with a tyrant, but we will defend democracy with our lives and souls, he said.

According to another officer, red lines cannot be crossed. Let anyone who wants to set up a dictatorship should recruit more soldiers to protect it.

Soldiers in the Special Operations Division and cyber warfare units report for service more frequently and voluntarily, frequently not during an emergency, due to the nature of their positions, in contrast to most reservists who are called up for duty with a formal order from the IDF.

Some top former IDF members have urged for refusing to serve if the proposed judicial reforms are implemented, including former Chief of Staff Dan Chalutz.


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