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IDF Chief Lashes Out At Reservist Refusals

By 07/18/2023 8:46 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


IDF Chief Of Staff Hertzi Halevi slammed the refusers during a hearing at the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee as thousands of IDF reservists signed petitions threatening to skip volunteer reserve service if the government continued judicial reforms.

According to Halevi, “Whoever calls not to report for reserve duty is putting the IDF and the security of the nation in danger.”

We are committed to maintaining the IDF alert and ready, to strengthening the deterrent, and to maintaining a favorable environment for Israel’s citizens,” Halevi continued.

We must maintain a high level of preparedness, fitness, and unity in order to meet security issues.

“The Chief of Staff is firing his arrows in the wrong direction,” the “Reservists Protest” retorted.

The government ministries that are ripping the populace apart, destroying the army, and jeopardizing Israel’s security are run by those who are responsible for the risks of avoiding reserve duty.

Since a people’s army can only exist in a democracy, Israeli nationalists are out in public defending Israel as Jewish and democratic.

Nearly 4,000 critical reserve troops have signed letters stating that, in the event that judicial reforms are made, they will not report for volunteer reserve service.

At least 200 pilots and navigators, 90 employees from the headquarters, 50 people who work in air traffic control, and 40 people who operate drones have signed similar letters, according to a list gathered by Channel 12 News on Sunday.

It was anticipated that more pilots and other Israeli Air Force (IAF) personnel would refuse to report for duty as a result of the overhaul. On Sunday, 400 members of the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit’s reserve unit submitted their commander a letter in which they threatened to skip their scheduled volunteer reserve duty if the government proceeds with the proposed court reforms.

“We all aspire for the damaging legislation to end in its current form, the reservist commandos stated in the letter, which was made public by the Ynet news site, “with hopes that we will meet in the next reserve [service], when the sword has been taken from the neck of democracy.

Several reserve pilots allegedly informed Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar, the head of the IAF, on Friday that they would no longer be reporting for training this week.

The Kan national broadcaster claimed that at this point, the force’s readiness was unaffected by the refusal.

Last week, reservist pilots met with Bar and cautioned him about the possibility of widespread volunteer service refusals if the government moves forward with the revisions. Bar was informed by the gang of pilots that “we” were hundreds of other pilots.


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