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IDF Displays Torture Manuals, Plans, and Weapons Obtained from Hamas Terrorists

By 10/15/2023 7:22 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces exhibited a sizable collection of weapons, papers, and sensitive material that it had seized from Hamas militants who had infiltrated Israel a week before.

According to the IDF, the stash contained bombs, rocket-propelled grenades, launchers, and explosive charges. Only 10% of the collected weapons were shown.

The Yahalom Combat Engineering Unit, which gathered the guns and explosives, also discovered firearms, land mines, grenades, explosive devices, and weapons in nearby settlements.

A commander of the Weapons Research Institute, who would not reveal his name, claimed that “all of these were used last Saturday against innocent civilians.”

Detailed attack orders against villages close to the Gaza Strip, including planned atrocities against people and the military, were among the documents. Israeli troops also discovered a flaw in the terrorist group Hamas’s strategy for fighting.

“The documents contained coordination actions, stages of attack, and code words,” the IDF said. The 202nd Battalion soldiers in Israel discovered the body of a Hamas terrorist who had a planned attack strategy for Kibbutz Alumim.

Another paper described how citizens from nearby towns in the Gaza Strip were treated and kidnapped. While speaking with CNN presenter Wolf Blitzer on Sunday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog displayed the instruction manual.

This pamphlet, or training manual, was discovered on one of the terrorists’ bodies, Herzog said. How to enter a kibbutz, city, or moshav; how to commit a break-in

What Hamas terrorists were to do when they encountered people was described in the playbook. “It specifies the particular method of torture, ways to kidnap them, and how to abduct them,” said Herzog.

The goods were given to the Military Intelligence Directorate’s section of document gathering and technology gathering for processing. This division is looking into items obtained from Hamas terrorists during the conflict.

According to the IDF, the division delivers the materials to all of the directorate’s intelligence, collection, and field units after sorting, cataloging, and translating them.


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