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IDF Eliminates At Least 8 Islamic Jihad Terrorists In Jenin Firefight

By 01/26/2023 8:25 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

During an operation early on Thursday morning in the Jenin refugee camp, the IDF successfully thwarted a significant terrorist attack.

Security personnel traveled to Jenin to apprehend suspected terrorists planning a significant terrorist strike.

Israeli security forces and Shabak agents arrived, disguising themselves as Arabs and hiding on a milk truck, according to Palestinian-Arab media sources.

When their presence was recognized, firing started, and at least one version states that eight terrorists were killed, 16 individuals were hurt, four of them critically, and a senior citizen was also killed in the crossfire.

Since the Defensive Shield operation in the Jenin camp in 2002, which resulted in the deaths of 13 IDF troops, this day of fighting has been the bloodiest in the area.

Calls for Arabs to support the terrorists were broadcast from Jenin’s mosques during the exchange of gunfire.

Schools were instructed to stay closed throughout.

Following the operation, terrorist organizations in Gaza convened an “urgent conference.” The terrorist group Islamic

Jihad, to which the terrorists who were killed belonged, has stated that Israel is to blame for the attack at the Jenin camp and that “all options are open” if Israeli airstrikes on Jenin continue.

Senior Israeli security sources cautioned that in light of the arrest operation’s substantial setbacks to the Islamic Jihad, Israel must now prepare for a “big escalation.”

Mohammad Shtayyeh, a minister for the PA, has meanwhile urged the international community to get involved.

We are requesting urgent action from the UN and other human rights groups in order to defend our people and put an end to the slaughter that our children, young people, and women are witnessing, the official said.


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