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IDF Examines Photograph Of Paratrooper Brigade Faking Terrorists During Operation in Jenin

By 07/06/2023 9:41 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


IDF soldiers from the Paratrooper Brigade were captured in a group shot beneath the arch at the entrance to the city’s refugee camp during Operation Home and Garden (Bayit V’Gan) in Jenin, according to a Ynet article.

The image of the soldiers was modeled after one that Palestinian terrorists had just a few weeks earlier captured.

“You’re not coming in here,” was the terrorists’ caption on their image. In light of the danger the soldiers were put in during the photo shoot, the army has opened an investigation.

The IDF will look into whose officials authorized the group of soldiers to congregate and take a photo in hostile territory while engaged in combat and outside of it as part of the investigation.

Palestinian witnesses alleged that on Tuesday, the day the photograph was taken, IDF troops positioned a number of military defensive tools behind them to shield themselves so that they could shoot the picture.

According to the eyewitnesses, the picture was taken in Jenin during a brief break in the battle when armed terrorists barricaded themselves in the middle of the refugee camp.

By Wednesday morning, around two in the morning, all security personnel had left Jenin City and the refugee camp, officially bringing an end to the operation.

At least 18 terrorists were reportedly killed during the raid, according to the IDF. The IDF will continue to operate open assault cells (for aerial strikes) in the days to come.

Security personnel confiscated thousands of weapons during the two-day operation, including explosives, ammunition, rifles, and explosives laboratories, in the Jenin refugee camp and the city of Jenin.

According to the IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police, “about 300 people were investigated, and 30 of them were taken into custody.

Fourteen safehouses and war rooms used for terrorism were discovered and destroyed, as were six explosives laboratories with over 300 explosive devices, materials for making explosives, and extra ammunition.

Ten IEDs, 24 M16 rifles, eight handguns, and hundreds of rounds of ammo were also taken, according to the statement.

Along with hundreds of kilograms of chemical materials for manufacturing bombs, hundreds of thousands of dollars in terrorist finances were seized.

Large numbers of weapons were also found in two smuggling tunnels and six underground tunnels. )

During the operation, Sgt. Major David Yehuda Yitzhak, 23, of Beit El, died. The Egoz unit soldier was given immediate medical attention on the scene before being flown to HaEmek Medical Center in Afula, where he was pronounced dead.

Investigations into the incident’s circumstances are being conducted, including any potential friendly-fire mishaps.


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