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IDF Home Front Command Officer: We Saved 8 People Already

By 02/09/2023 11:51 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Under a battle against time and freezing temperatures, members of the IDF Home Front Command rescue delegation to Turkey have been working nonstop to save people trapped in the wreckage.

Lt. Col. Doron Ziv, a group member, spoke with Nissim Mishal and Guy Pelega on Israel radio station 103 FM and provided specifics of the rescue effort.

“Like the night before, last night was incredibly difficult. The weather was challenging, but we are giving it everything we’ve got to rescue lives in the waning hours, Ziv added. Our motivation is surging, and our adrenaline is flowing.

“We were able to rescue eight people trapped beneath the rubble; they are still alive today, but they definitely wouldn’t be if it weren’t for us.

Eight persons trapped under the rubble were rescued; they are still alive today and most likely wouldn’t have been had we not arrived in time.

Time is running out, and it’s crucial while try to rescue people from the wreckage, therefore, we must offer everything we have to save and assist more people.

“The chances for success are at their maximum in the first 24 to 48 hours, and they rapidly decline after that,” he said. We have a two to three days window to contribute what we can.

However, other miracles exist, like when a rescue group visited Haiti.

We’ll remain here for as long as we can to preserve lives and assist the survivors. We are not the story of this awful incident; the story is what happened here and how the entire globe responded.

Ziv responded, “They know we’re Israelis, everyone asks where we’re from, and we proudly tell them that we’re from Israel. They know we’re Israelis.

Everyone appreciates us from the bottom of their hearts for the magnificent demonstration of love and respect they have shown us. I believe that our delegation successfully won over the people of Israel. Our base is located in the regional rescue teams’ operations center. Several dozen delegations are present.

Our base is located in the regional rescue teams’ operations center. There are a few dozen delegations, most of which are made up of eight to fourteen humans and a few dogs.

Our delegation is unique in both its size and composition. We currently have 150 rescue personnel, and the construction of a field hospital is a major game-changer. Israel sent a delegation that is larger than many other foreign delegations put together.
Ziv spoke of the “awful cold” and said, “Last night it dipped to six below zero, and we’re working outside, of course. We have everything we need, including warm clothing, as well as a lot of motivation.



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