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IDF Retaliates After Hezbollah Shelling Attack Leaves One Dead and Three Hurt

By 10/15/2023 9:53 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Early on Sunday morning, terrorists from Lebanon launched an anti-tank missile towards Moshav Shtula, which is close to Israel’s northern border.

Three people had been hurt in the strike, with one of them in critical condition, according to rescue and medical personnel dispatched to the area.

A 40-year-old construction worker who had been gravely hurt eventually passed away from his wounds. Radi Hadad, an ambulance driver with United Hatzalah, reported: “Unfortunately, a man in his 40s was confirmed deceased at the scene.

Additionally, two males in their 40s who were somewhat hurt, as well as another person who was only lightly hurt, were both treated by us.

An IDF military outpost on the Lebanese border was the target of more anti-tank missile fire.

Al Jazeera received a statement from the terrorist group Hezbollah claiming responsibility for the attack. After the attack on Shtula, IDF forces carried out reprisal attacks against terrorist targets in Lebanon.

The IDF declared the region up to four kilometers from the northern border with Lebanon blocked following the tragic strike.

The IDF adds that access to the area is forbidden and requests that members of the public be aware of this and refrain from doing so. Civilians are urged to stay close to protected locations in the vicinity of the border, up to two kilometers away.

Furthermore, due to a variety of operational requirements, GPS was prohibited in areas of active fighting.

Residents in the vicinity should be aware that temporary bugs in location-based programs can be brought on by GPS restrictions.

The Nukhba commander of the forces in southern Khan Yunis, who was in charge of the atrocity at Kibbutz Nirim, Billal Al Kedra, as well as the head of Hamas’s air defense systems, were both reportedly killed by fighter jets flying over the Gaza Strip last night, according to the IDF in the south.

Additionally, the IDF carried out over a hundred military strikes in Jabaliya, Khan Yunis, and Zaytun. By hitting Hamas’ operational command centers, military facilities, dozens of launchers, anti-tank missile launch stations, and observation posts, these attacks damaged the terrorist group’s capabilities.

Additionally, the Islamic Jihad terrorist group’s operational command headquarters were destroyed.


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