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In a groundbreaking procedure, a J’Lem surgeon uses robot technology and augmented reality

By 08/21/2023 3:19 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In a groundbreaking spinal operation, medical professionals at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center successfully merged cutting-edge augmented reality and robotic technology.

In order to treat an unstable spinal fracture, the surgical team was supervised by spine neurosurgeon Dr. Cezar J. Mizrahi. The 25-year-old patient had a working accident that resulted in significant spinal damage. The patient was diagnosed with an unstable spine fracture, endangering his mobility and neurological health, and Mizrahi was summoned.

Brazilian Oleh Mizrahi, a specialist in the hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery’s Spine Surgery Unit, used a new strategy.

A surgical spine robot with AR assistance was used during the procedure to guide the accurate placement of surgical screws down the spinal column in real-time.

This method, which had never been tried before elsewhere in the world, increased surgical team accuracy while reducing invasiveness. AR combines digital data with the user’s perception of the physical world, such as computer-generated images, movies, sounds, or other data.

AR enriches the actual world by superimposing digital features on it, in contrast to virtual reality (VR), which immerses users in an entirely virtual environment. Devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses are used to accomplish this.

It required Mizrahi to put on particular headgear.

The medical professional compared the experience to that of a combat pilot wearing a cutting-edge helmet. The surgeon’s field of view was filled with vital patient information, including CT pictures, thanks to the AR headgear.

Mizrahi was able to plan and carry out the surgery with incredible precision because of this knowledge, making the required corrections as it went along. It had never been done in surgery anywhere in the world to combine AR and robots in this least intrusive way.

This patient benefited directly from the combination of those new breakthroughs, which greatly improved healthcare for the residents of Jerusalem and beyond, to our great satisfaction, Mizrahi added.

The patient, according to Shaare Zedek, was able to walk unaided right away following the procedure and would likely be discharged soon. The patient commented, “The procedure was successful, and we are very appreciative of Dr. Mizrahi’s care.

“Before the operation, we were really anxious and unsure of what would happen.

However, it was completed promptly and successfully, and I have recovered faster than anticipated. I can now walk. I’m eternally thankful to Dr. Mizrahi for visiting me on a frequent basis.


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