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In a harsh letter, Gov. Hochul criticizes Mayor Adams’ tardy reaction to the immigration crisis

By 08/16/2023 10:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Governor Kathy Hochul criticized Mayor Eric Adams’ management of the out-of-control migrant issue in the Big Apple late on Tuesday, charging his administration with being ineffective and disregarding numerous offers of state-funded assistance.

Tuesday night, in response to the mayor’s constant requests for additional state and federal assistance in addressing the deteriorating issue, Hochul’s attorney wrote a blistering 12-page letter that exposed the harsh—aand previously unseen—ppublic criticism of the city’s handling of the migrant situation.

The terse letter, which was first covered by the New York Times, claims that “the city has not made timely requests for regulatory changes, has not always promptly shared necessary information with the state, has not implemented programs in a timely manner, and has not consulted the state before taking certain actions.”

“The city can and should act more pro-actively and in partnership with the state.” Adams claims that the city is having difficulty finding beds for the constant influx of migrants, but according to the state, a list of suitable shelter locations was supplied as early as October 2022, but Big Apple officials chose to disregard it.

Hochul’s attorney continued by outlining the $1.5 billion cost that the state has already agreed to bear in the face of the growing issue, but he encouraged the city to make sure the money was being “properly managed.” “The City did not give this important endeavor top priority. Many more immigrants would undoubtedly be able to find employment now if the City had taken this action.

The city rejected a plan in June of last year to establish a “tent city” for adult migrant men in order to prevent the shelter system from getting overcrowded, according to the state, which also charged the Adams administration with being slow to act.

Hochul was keen to clarify that she was not in conflict with Adams during an interview with NY1. Our efforts to reduce crime are extensive. Our friendship is solid because we are cooperating on housing. My argument is that we are here to assist, and when we point out areas where we believe more can be done, that is what we are doing.

On Tuesday, the city of New York officially opened its newest state-funded emergency shelter facility at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, while Randall’s Island is also getting a state-funded “tent city” built. Despite “substantial questions” being raised about DocGo’s behavior after receiving a $432 million grant, the state maintained it was still committed to giving the funding.

The direct letter was sent as Albany’s official response to the city’s list of requests for further state assistance filed last week as part of continuing judicial procedures over how to handle the flood of migrants.


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