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In a new high in activity that the island of Taiwan calls harassment, China Flies 103 Military Planes Toward Taiwan

By 09/18/2023 2:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Taiwan’s defense ministry referred to the 24-hour period during which 103 warplanes were sent there by the Chinese military as a recent high.

Between 6 and 7 a.m., the planes were discovered. Sunday at six o’clock. Monday, according to the ministry.

They did as is normal and turned around before they got to Taiwan. Chinese warplanes approach the independent island almost regularly, but usually in fewer numbers.

The Taiwan ministry didn’t clarify what it meant by a “recent” high in terms of time.

As tensions between the two countries as well as with the United States have risen, China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory, has been conducting larger-scale military exercises in the skies and seas around Taiwan.

The U.S. is Taiwan’s primary arms supplier and opposes any effort to forcibly alter Taiwan’s status.

In an effort to entice Taiwanese while also militarily threatening the island, the Chinese government last week unveiled a plan for an integrated development demonstration zone in the Fujian province.

This is part of what experts refer to as China’s long-standing “carrot and stick” strategy. The most recent events might be an effort to influence Taiwan’s presidential election in January.

The Chinese government abhors the Democratic Progressive Party, which is in power and favors the island’s official independence.

Chinese voters prefer opposition politicians who support cooperation with the mainland. On the most recent Chinese military activities, the presidential hopefuls were silent on Monday.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, 40 of the aircraft violated the figurative border between the mainland and the island.

More than 30 fighter jets as well as tanker planes for in-flight refueling were among them. Additionally, Taiwan reported the presence of nine Chinese navy boats within the last 24 hours.

The ministry referred to the Chinese military operation as “harassment” and warned that, given the delicate situation, it might get worse. It issued a statement saying, “We implore the Beijing authorities to accept responsibility and immediately halt such destructive military activities.”

When queried about the alleged military activities, a representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry named Mao Ning responded that there is no such thing as a “median line” because Taiwan is a part of Chinese territory.

The aircraft carrier Shandong was among the ships that China moved last week into the waters close to Taiwan. The exercises were conducted soon after warships from the United States and Canada transited the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from the mainland. China and Taiwan were divided in 1949 after a civil conflict saw the Communists seize power in China.

The defeated Nationalists escaped to Taiwan and established their own government there. Few foreign countries officially recognize the island diplomatically. Along with other countries, the U.S. maintains diplomatic relations with China and has a presence in Taiwan.


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