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In his first year as mayor, Mayor Adams rates himself a B+

By 12/23/2022 11:38 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

When asked how he would evaluate Bishop Lamor Whitehead, a Brooklyn pastor he mentored and who was indicted earlier this week on federal extortion allegations, Mayor Adams ducked the question and gave himself a B+ for his first year in office.

Adams gave himself a high rating, acknowledging that he had many challenges to overcome in his first year, including crime, COVID, and an outbreak of monkeypox.

I’m hard on myself,” he admitted. “I believe I earned a straight B+, but there is always an opportunity for growth. I have a strong B+.

Adams was a little more cautious while awarding Whitehead good honors; on Monday, federal prosecutors accused Whitehead of defrauding one of his church members out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Adams advised that Whitehead “evaluate himself” when asked what grade he would give the bishop.

“My effort in mentoring and aiding others is very spectacular when you look at it. I will keep doing it since many of these young people have gone on to lead fulfilling lives. I will continue doing what I am now doing, he declared. “He should grade himself if you like. Judging people is not something I should be doing, especially given how flawed I am.

The mayor said on Wednesday that he would reserve public opinion until the prosecution’s case against Whitehead is finished.

He added that if I’ve learned anything about investigations, it’s to leave the investigators alone and not become involved.

Regarding the federal probe, I have nothing to say. Their work is being done. I’m performing my mayoral duties.



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